What is the Reentry Program?

Since the introduction of the Georgetown County community reentry program in 2007, the detention center serves as a place where inmates can learn the kinds of skills they'll need to get a fresh start after their sentences have been served and avoid the pitfalls that lead so many back to jail.

In more than 20 years as Georgetown County Sheriff, A. Lane Cribb said he has observed many times how hard it can be for someone getting out of jail to make a fresh start. "What happens is they get out with no training to get a job and no self-esteem," he said. "That's what we're trying to fix with this program. It lets them know they can do something and then it helps them do it."

The Reentry Program is completely voluntary and to remain enrolled, inmates are required to follow stringent behavioral guidelines. They have to be willing to work hard and show commitment to the program.

Who and how do inmates qualify?

South Carolina Department of Corrections inmates are screened through SCDC classification to meet criteria for custody level and disciplinary history. If the inmate successfully passes these criteria the inmate is able to request transfer to the Georgetown County Detention Center. The Deputy Administrator at GCDC reviews all request and makes final decision if the inmate is eligible for the transfer.

Upon arriving at GCDC the inmate can request to apply for services through the Reentry Program. The inmate completes an assessment process, and then is placed in the appropriate course of study. The inmate must have 3 months with no disciplinary actions noted, and must be motivated with changing negative behaviors and willingness to following policy and procedures as directed.

To participate in the Reentry, the inmate must have at least a year left on his sentence.

Georgetown County Sheriff's Reentry Services • 2394 Browns Ferry Road • Georgetown, SC 29440 • 843-545-3420