Reentry Program Education Services

GCSO Reentry Services is registered as part of the National Apprenticeship Program through the Department of Labor and the Apprenticeship Carolina SC Technical College System. GCSO Reentry Services partnered with the Georgetown County Public Works offers participants the opportunity for hand on field training, followed up with additional hands on and classroom study. Each Occupation offered must meet all requirement and standards of Apprenticeship established by the Secretary of Labor.

Listed below are the occupations offered, once the participants meets the hours of training, and satisfactory pass all requirement, he will receive a Journeyman certification.

*The description of the classes are condensed, each class is comprised of several competencies that must be met.

Auto Body Repairer Total of 8000 hrs.

  • Workplace Readiness skills
  • Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair
  • Repair Outer Body Panels
  • Apply Metal Finishing and Body Filler
  • Repair Moveable Glass and Hardware
  • Practice Metal Welding and Cutting
  • Prepare for Career in Auto Body Repair

HVAC Technician Total of 6000 hrs.

  • HVAC Fundamentals
  • HVAC Electtrical
  • HVAC Systems
  • Refrigeration
  • Heating (Oil, Gas, Boilers, Hydraulics)
  • Heat Pumps

The HVAC Technicians Course prepares the inmate to pass any of the following certification exams which are administered through the Reentry program

  • EPA 608
  • EPA 609
  • EPA 410a
  • IAQ Tech
  • Green Energy
  • PM Tech
  • ICE Certification (Industry Competency Exam)
  • NATE Certification (North American Technician Excellence

Carpenter Total of 8000 hrs.

  • Constructs, erect, install and repair structures and fixtures.
  • Be able to read blueprints, sketches or building plans.
  • Install flooring.
  • Use of all hand and power tools
  • Custodian (Housekeeper, Comm. Res., & Industrial) Total of 2000
  • Cleaning material & supplies
  • Operate tools and equipment
  • Maintenance Skills

Landscaping Total of 2000 hrs.

  • Analyze, design and develop landscape site
  • Construct the landscape
  • Maintain the landscape

Plumbing Total of 8000 hrs.

  • Assembles, installs, and repairs pipes, fittings, and fixtures of heating, water, and drainage systems, according to specifications and plumbing codes.
  • Building plans and drawings
  • Inspect structure to ascertain obstructions
  • Bends pop
  • Assembles and installs valves, pope fittings and pipes
  • Electrician Total of 8000
  • Plan layout, install, repair wiring, electrical fixtures, apparatus and control equipment
  • Plans new or modified installation
  • Prepares sketches showing location of wiring and equipment.
  • Measures, cuts, bends, threads, assemble and installs electrical conduit.
  • Pull wiring through conduit
  • Connects power cables to equipment

Roofer Total of 4000 hrs.

  • Assembles, installs, and repairs pipes and fixtures of heating, water, and drainage systems, according to specifications and plumbing codes
  • Studies building plans and working drawings
  • Locates and marks position of pipe and pipe connections
  • Bends pope
  • Excellent working knowledge of a hand and power tools, cutting torch and pipe-threading machine.

Painter Total of 6000 hrs.

  • Applies paints, varnishes, stain, enamel or lacquer.
  • Read work orders
  • Smooths surfaces
  • Erects scaffolding or sets up ladders

Thermal Insulators (Insulation Worker) Total of 6000 hrs.

  • Applies insulating material to exposed surfaces of structures, such air ducts, hot and cold pipes, and storage tanks and cold storage rooms.
  • Read blueprints
  • Select correct material
  • Measure and cut material

Equipment Operator (Operating Engineer) Total of 6000 hrs.

  • Operate one or several types of power construction equipment
  • Scrapers, Compressors, Pumps, Shovels, Tractors, Front end loader to excavate, Bucket truck, Folklift/bobcat
  • Maintain Equipment
  • Achieve certification for bucket truck, forklift/bobcat and lull


The barbering course is designed to train and prepare students in the profession of barbering. This course will provide students with the information needed to pass the state licensure exam. This course offers skills, safety judgements, proper work habits, business skills and desirable attitudes necessary to obtain licensure and competency in job entry level positions.

Life Skills

Each student must attend life skills class prior to release. This course is the core of the program since much of the clients social skills are developed or corrected in this group.

  • Review of client history
  • Acknowledge the offense leading to prison
  • Determine what motivated the offense
  • Take person responsibility for the offense
  • Learn to avoid situations that may lead to another altercation
  • Prepare for employment
  • Program Resources
  • Develop strong Math and Reading skills
  • Train in job search skills
  • Plan transportation requirements
  • Create a sense of purpose
  • Find employment
  • Continue education and training
  • Prepare for Reentry
  • Volunteer for faith based activities
  • Confront any habits or behaviors that could lead to re-offending
  • Recover basic identity documentation
  • Develop Family Court approved plan for child support (if needed)
  • Attend job interviews (with SCDC approval)
  • Create or repair family relationships
  • Repair relationship with children

Art Therapy

All Fired Up Studio teaches therapeutic art therapy. The instructor focuses on the analysis of expression gained through the art teacher working with a small group, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.

Christian Class

Christian class is co-facilitated by a volunteer and an inmate. The inmate successfully received his associate's degree in Christian Study while incarcerated.

  • Summarizes the Biblical foundation for reentry ministry and practical implications for the inmates.
  • Develops biblically based strategies that can assist inmates in their spiritual transformation
  • Defines and effectively presents restorative justice principles to key stakeholder and apply those principles, where appropriate, within his ministry delivery

Business Course

  • This course teaches money saving techniques, with unique budgeting strategies
  • How to live and save on your present income
  • Starting your own business
  • Taxes

Program Logo designed by one of the inmates.

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