Pre and Post Release Services

Pre-Release Services

  • Job Skill Training
  • Interview techniques
  • Secure safe and affordable housing
  • Set up and attend interviews with potential employers
  • Obtain Birth certificate, state ID/drivers permit, social security card
  • Build relationship with positive family members
  • Assist with finding appropriate clothing

Post-Release Services

  • Assist client on release day with transportation to his residence.
  • Assist with obtaining driver’s license
  • Reentry case management services are available for 1 year post-release

For Employers

  • Highly skilled employees
  • HVAC certified
  • Heavy equipment certified
  • Focused, positive thinking, ready to enter the work force and be highly productive employees
  • Job retention with successful graduates is 98%. 2% changed employment for higher pay/or advancement opportunities within a company.

Georgetown County Sheriff's Reentry Services • 2394 Browns Ferry Road • Georgetown, SC 29440 • 843-545-3420